We provide Great products & Excellent services

for clinical laboratories as well as life science researches, offering complete solution to our customers with prompt delivery and reasonable price

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Welcome to Biomed Diagnostics (Thailand)

We provide great products and excellent services for clinical laboratories, life science researches, as well as therapeutics, offering complete solutions to our valued customers with prompt delivery and reasonable price. We distribute a huge range of world-renowned companies with innovative technology to help clinical diagnostics and life science research sector in Thailand. 


We also provide various type of education courses to help our customers to have a better understanding on the particular fields for the past 10 years and we will continue providing to the society. Outsourcing is another alternative way that Biomed Diagnostics (Thailand) offers to our customers, where our customers can eliminate the learning for new technologies and trust our expert service engineering and customer service team, who is there to exceed your satisfaction.

Biomed Diagnostics (Thailand) is formed with a dynamic, dedicated, and professional stuffs to assist our customers in reaching their goals by offering great products and services promptly at reasonable price to build a strong and lasting partnership with our valued customers. 

Please contact us, and we will be more than happy to provide you with our best solution.