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Biomed Diagnostics (Thailand) has been distributing life sciences research, clinical diagnostics, and therapeutics products for more than 10 years. Our products are high quality, innovative and from well-known brands. We aim to exceed our customers' expectation by providing complete solutions with great service and reasonable price. 

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AniBiotech develops and manufactures rapid immunodiagnostic tests by utilizing 3 different techniques:
  • Dry-dot agglutination
  • One-step
  • Two-step

The main application areas are fertility hormones, bacterial and viral antigens and antibodies based rapid diagnostic tests. The latest products include a patented celiac disease test, myeloperoxydase and high sensitive CRP quantitative tests for cardiac infarct prediction and novel Pravo B19 test, all utilizing whole blood finger tip samples. 

AniBiotech Orgenium Laboratories ELISA Division produces Infectious Disease ELISA Kits for TORCH parameters and Research ELISA products for quantitative detection of various parameters. 

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